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Today marks one year since the release of #3 Revisited, my first full release as Duke Silver. The album is best described as ambient electronica and consists of remixes of songs from Clepto Journals by Wet Eyes.

These songs came together when Ross Auger, the man behind Wet Eyes and one half of Wet Eyes Productions, approached me about one of my remixes. He had heard the song and told me that he would love for me to remix one of the songs from his new release. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe he would release it as a bonus track or something. However, once I started the process of choosing which song to tackle, I ended up remixing them all! I played them for Ross, who was pleased with the result, and we decided to simply release them all as a separate entity. Ross’s title for the release at the time was #3, so I decided to name my take on it #3, Revisited. The album #3 no longer exists in that form, but you can find those original songs on the Wet Eyes album Clepto Journals.

The experience of making this album was great, I loved taking Ross’s work and turning it into something else. If I was approached by another artist to remix some of their work I would jump at the opportunity, I really enjoyed it. Ross and I will be teaming up on a release this winter called Silver Lining so stayed tuned for information on that.

Both Clepto Journals and #3 Revisited can be found on the Wet Eyes Productions bandcamp page.


2020k Music Interviews Wet Eyes

Great interview of Ross Auger by 2020k Music.


Wet Eyes

“If you want to be involved in music, I think you will find a way to be involved or paths will be presented to you to get your foot in. You can’t really teach anyone how to be where they need to be.” – Wet Eyes

Minneapolis, Minnesota resident Ross Auger is best known under the alias Wet Eyes. I stumbled upon his music through his official Soundcloud page and after hearing a track called “Fresh Perk’d,” [click to listen] it interested me greatly. I’d just finished watching Double Take, which featured Alfred Hitchcock doubles and it was interesting to hear the same Folgers commercials from the mid 20th century being incorporate both in the movie, let alone through music! Though a mutual love for music, for talking about music, and coffee, Ross decided upon an artist on artist interview of sorts. He’d interview me and I’d…

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